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All trainings are approved for NCDA Credentialing required Continuing Education

MBTI® Group Interpretation Training ($250.00)
September 2021 (From 9:30am to 12:30pm PST)
Location: Live on Zoom
Registration Opening Soon:
Prerequisite: MBTI® Certification
Audience: Geared toward College and High School Counselors, but all participants meeting the prerequisite can attend.

In this interactive Zoom Live training you will learn how to facilitate a classroom or group MBTI® interpretation online or in person.

I will take you through the process of proper group interpretation in a digital or in person environment. Learn how to properly validate participant’s dominate type in a group setting and activities for facilitating participant understanding of their dominate MBTI® type preference

Certificate of Completion is provided for all participants that complete the final evaluation with CE credit listed.

MBTI® is a registered trademark of the Myers Briggs Foundation. While the foundation does allow us to use their name when advertising or offering workshops, it is important to note that this training and Connect Career Consulting are not affiliated with the Myers Briggs Foundation, nor are we employed by them.

Resumes, LinkedIn and Branding ($250)
October 2021 (From 9:00am-12:00pm PST)
Registration Opening Soon:
Audience: College and High School Counselors, Career Advisors and Career Center Staff
Registration Link Coming Soon
Prerequisite: Must be a College Counselor, High School Counselor, Private Practice Counselor, Career Advisor, Career Center Staff graduate student in a Counseling program, or Career Center Staff that administers workshops. Geared toward Career Educators, not the general public.

Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook are not just for fun anymore. I will teach you how to show your students how to harness the power of these social media outlets to fast track their career opportunities. This interactive training is offered live on Zoom for counselors working in a college, high school, or private practice. Counseling graduate students are welcome to attend as well. In this training you will learn how to teach your students about the modern resume practice, the importance of LinkedIn, professional and personal branding through social media as well as how to build resiliency in students when it comes to dealing with “Likes” and those nasty internet trolls.

Certificate of Completion is provided for all participants that complete the final evaluation with CE credit listed.