Career Strategy & Coaching

We offer comprehensive ONLINE Career Strategy & Coaching Sessions. 
All appointments are conducted via Zoom online and are 50 minute in length.

Is your 9-5 bringing you down? Do you want to be an online entrepreneur?  Love the work you do, but not enjoying your office environment? Don’t like what you are doing now, but not sure what to do for work? Do you know what you want to do, but are not sure how to get there?  


Did you know you spend 1/3 of your life working? If you are confused, unsure or lacking the confidence to make a move into a Career that brings happiness, joy and abundance, then we are here for you. Or maybe you keep applying for jobs and can’t figure out why your resume isn’t working for you or why you don’t get call backs from interviews, then we are here for you.

Our unique approach combines the best of Career Counseling Theory and Career Coaching to help you develop the best STRATEGY for your next and best career path and how you can amplify the best aspects of who you are in your Career journey.

We serve everyone from all walks of life, but are one of the only companies that specializes in working with Education Professionals such as Faculty, Deans, Vice Presidents and Presidents.

Career Strategy vs. Coaching

Career Strategy: Is more directive to help you with your resume optimization, finding a new job, mock interviewing, branding, Linkedin and connecting skills to potential new jobs…etc.  

Coaching: is a holistic process where you form a partnership with a coach who guides you through thought-provoking conversation that encourages you to maximize your potential. 

So if you are you ready to shift into a satisfying Career schedule an appointment with us. Our mission is to help you discover your Soul’s Intention when it comes to your Career journey.

Sessions can involve a combination of the following: (Please note that ALL of the topics below can not be covered in one session)

  • Career Strategy: You know what you want to do, but not how to get there.
  • Career Soul Intention Identification
  • Leadership Skill Development
  • MBTI Assessment and Interpretation
  • Exploration of Emotional Barriers to Career Success
  • Analysis and review of your Career History
  • Identification and Removal of Abundance and Career Blocks
  • Resume Revitalization
  • Interview Strategies
  • Salary Negotiation
  • LinkedIn- Page review or facilitation of page development
  • Career Goal Identification
  • Cultivate a Side Hustle
  • Advanced Networking Strategies
  • Small Business Owner Career Strategies

One-on-One Strategy or Coaching Packages

First Session: 1 (50 Minute Session) $75
Each additional appointment is $150 per 50min session.

If after your first appointment you decide to purchase a package you can count your first appointment as the first appointment of the package and the $75 toward the purchase of a package. The first appointment would count as the first appointment in your package and the $75 first appointment fee would be credit toward the package purchase.

Career Focus Package: $500 (Sessions must be used within 6 months of the date of purchase)
4 (50 minute) Career Strategy or Coaching Appointments

Soul Intention Package: $750 (Sessions must be used within 6 months of the date of purchase)
6 (50 minute) Career Strategy or Coaching Appointments

Soul Journey: Monthly Rate $210 (Coming Soon)
2 (50 minute) Career Strategy or Coaching Appointments and access to our Patreon Group which will feature bonus content.

Packages can be purchased using the button below. We offer secure PayPal check out.

Check with your tax preparer or CPA to see if your career counseling or coaching can be deducted as a job hunting related expense. 

Cancellation and Refund Policy

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Client Testimonials

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I had applied to several full-time faculty positions, but hadn't been unable to secure a full-time position. I decided to try having my CV professional reviewed by Kellie and do some interview preparation with her. The first position I used the CV on that Kellie did for me I got an interview. During the interview I used her tips from our interview preparation and I got the job! I am now a tenure track faculty member! I highly recommend Kellie!
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I was ready to transition to a new job after working for the same company for over 10 years and decided to update my resume. I applied to a few positions with my resume, but still wasn't having much luck. I found Kellie on IG and decided to do her one-on-one resume review. She showed me how to optimize my resume and the next position I applied to with that resume I got an interview at an amazing company! I also had her help me prep for the interview and I made it to round 3! Just waiting to hear back if I got the job! Highly recommend Kellie! She was a game changer!
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I had 3 coaching/consulting sessions with Daniel and I am amazed. I knew I wanted to transition to the IT industry, I just wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do and I wanted to consult with an expert before I spent money on more education. Daniel is a true expert and helped me understand the different certifications and what work I could do in the industry.I was about to drop 20k on a Masters degree, because I thought that was what I needed, but after talking to Daniel I realized I just need some certifications for what I want to do. These 3 sessions saved me 20k!
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I was really unsure as to what I wanted to do for my career. I was working a job I didn't like, but didn't know where else to go. Kellie helped me identify my personality and my values to guide me toward my ideal career and showed me some amazing and affordable online Masters degrees to help me transition to being a Counselor.
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After working as an Adjunct Faculty member for years and having a hard time getting a tenure track position I decided to try Kellie as she was the only Career Coach I could find that worked with faculty. I had her review my CV and did some interview preparation with her and I am now a tenure track faculty member! Literally the first position I applied to with the CV she did for me I got the job! I secured one of the highly coveted tenure track positions and all thanks to Kellie! I did the 4 pack of sessions and it was perfect!
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I did sessions with Dan to have him consult me on effective leadership techniques. I had been having a difficult time managing my staff as a new manager. I had previously consulted with another coach who advertised themselves as a leadership coach and charged 4 times as much as Dan, but they didn't have any practical leadership experience. Feeling a bit burned I decided to try working with Dan because his pricing as a new coach is very affordable. What a difference! Dan was worth every penny! He has a wealth of knowledge and years of leadership experience. His advice helped me turn my whole department around for the better. At the end of our time together I just kept think "I want to work for him" he is clearly an amazing leader.
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I decided to work with Kellie because I wanted to work to grow my small business as a Tarot reader and leave my full-time day job as a secretary. I interview several coaches and just didn't get a good energy off any of them except Kellie. Kellie was a breath of fresh air! She was warm, friendly and knowledgable! She helped me build a strategy for my Tarot business, make a plan to leave my full-time job and even helped me with my social media strategy and find part-time jobs I could do as I transitioned to Tarot full time! Highly recommend Kellie for no judgement, straightforward strategy and empathetic support. For the first time in my life I am excited about my future career. Thank you Kellie!!

Clients names may have been changed on the testimonials to protect client privacy at the clients request. If you would like to add your review, please email us. We are happy to use an alternative name to protect your privacy.

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